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In-House Visa Consulting
- Apply for an Initial F-1 Visa.

​We provide extensive DS160 support and individualized interview-prep session. ​


- Changing your status from a tourist visa or J-1 visa to a student visa.​

If you entered the US as a tourist with a B1/B2 visitor visa or J-1 visa and decided to stay here to study during your visit, we can help you to apply for a student visa F1 and change your status. Please contact us to learn more about the process.


- Changing status to/from F1 visa to H1B, O1, A1, EB2, L1 and more. 

- Terminated, or denied students

​Failing to maintain your status means you did not fulfill the requirements. ​Regaining your status back can be challenging. We give you realistic, and not overly optimistic feedback on your chances. In addition, we provide RFE and NOID response support, as well as I-290B Filing services. 

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