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Business Partners at Work
Specialized Consulting for Businesses

When you live in New York, you take it for granted all the access you have by being in the Big City. People outside think we should either hate living here or over-fantasize it. The truth of the matter is, they visit you more frequently than you visit them.

We are serving clients who are out-of-state or overseas: who need eyes, ears, and most importantly legs in NYC. Whether it’s performing arts, PR and advertisements, production, franchising/branching out, or license acquisition in food/beverages and hospitality, politics or foreign policy, and of course education, we are here to take that step on behalf of the business or entity. 


ISC New York is practically your liaison in New York. If you’re not quite ready to open your own New York office just yet, let us be your representative and help your growth and expansion. 

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